The Process of CNC machined aluminum parts with Manual Plasma cutting Method

August 15, 2021

Moving from manual plasma cutting to CNC cutting with CNC machined aluminum parts can seem like a daunting task. However, if you immerse yourself in the process after the proper preparation, armed with the facts, you will find that this transition is easy to make relatively painlessly and will only help your business grow.

Manual plasma cutting

Regardless of whether you have decided on the transition to 100% or are still weighing the pros and cons, it will be useful to pay attention to the points that will help you make the best choice for your business. Since CNC plasma cutting machines come in vastly different sizes and a myriad of functions, you need to correctly identify your needs today and your plans for the future.

Why choose CNC machined aluminum parts for CNC machines?

Sooner or later, every enterprise is faced with the issue of business scaling. The need to switch from manual cutting to the use of CNC machined aluminum parts for CNC machines is determined by four significant factors: quality, volume, productivity, and complexity of cutting.

CNC machined aluminum parts

These cutting requirements may arise independently, or may be advanced by the customer. For example, you might take on a job that requires precise and highly detailed cutting. Or perhaps you want to do multiple tasks at once and need to increase the number of parts processed per unit time. Or you negotiate with new clients who want to cut thick enough.

CNC machine

Unlike manual cutting, the mechanized system allows the use of high amperage for cutting, which allows processing a wide range of materials: thickness from 0.5 to 120 mm, while the use of plasma is economically feasible for thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 60 mm. Some modern machines can provide such a high cutting accuracy that is close to laser.

In addition, CNC machined aluminum parts in automated machines allow you to cut parts of complex shapes with equally accurate dimensions, while maintaining high throughput. As a result, you can machine more parts per shift and get a faster return on your equipment investment.

Introduction of mechanized plasma cutting

Ø What will they cut?

Is it carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum?  This question is important for many reasons, including when choosing between manual or mechanized cutting. The difference between the two will affect the overall budget.

Ø What is the range of thicknesses for the materials?

This information will help determine the required amperage that will be required for the CNC machined aluminum parts. Cutting accuracy depends on the amperage range. Machines with higher amperage sources tend to be more expensive, so a preliminary calculation will help you optimize your budget.

Ø What production area do you have?

This may sound trivial, but you need to know how much space you have and whether the machine you want to buy will fit in the workshop.

Ø Is there a sufficient power supply?

When installing the system, it is important to evaluate the power source through which the CNC machine will receive electricity. If the network does not have sufficient capacity, it may need to be increased.

Ø What about the budget?

CNC plasma cutting systems come in all sizes and capabilities. Some are suitable for use in a garage, while others are adapted for industrial applications with high production volumes. Some plasma systems are simple two-axis machines, the movement of which is controlled by an ordinary home computer.

While machines designed for industrial use are equipped with computer controllers with a built-in amplifier for the drive system, they are easy to equip with a large number of torches and combine several cutting methods. The conclusion is easy to make as follows: the cost of CNC machined aluminum parts depends on its configuration, and its configuration is due to production tasks.

Ø Tips for long-term success

By opting for mechanized plasma cutting, you will improve your workflow, increase efficiency, and, as a result, improve your profitability. By investing in manufacturing, you are clearly ahead of your competitors. Low cost, ease of integration and quick payback periods make this solution affordable even for medium and small industries. In order for the machines to serve you for many years, use our tips:

CNC machined aluminum parts 2021

  • Cutting consumables Take care of consumables.
  • By using quality consumables and paying due attention to them, you can reduce your operating costs.
  • Using non-original spare parts – you do not gain anything for money,
  • . But you waste time on frequent replacement of CNC machined aluminum partsand run the risk,
  • A counterfeit part can fail at any time and spoil the critical part.
  • Provide quality maintenance to your machine.
  • Create a maintenance program for your machine.
  • Taking care of it will give you years of trouble-free service.
  • For a plan for proper maintenance and operation, check with the CNC machine manufacturer.
  • Do not use the machine for operations for which it was not designed.
  • Work within the framework of the technological scheme that the manufacturer develops specifically for your device.
  • Do not try to cut material that is too thick for your machine.

Mold production process

Similar to general mechanical products, the CNC machine manufacturing process is based on 5 main technological processes including: Design, machining, heat treatment, testing and assembly. In it, companies can take on one or more processes, even the entire production process to create the end product by CNC machined aluminum parts.


Think long term.  One of the biggest mistakes you make when investing in a CNC plasma cutting machine is buying equipment that is not designed for the future of your business. Consult with experts about your growth plans. This way you can buy equipment that will accelerate the achievement of your goals.

The best thing about cnc machining is its precision. Now, you can easily arrange your working. The speed of working is very quick. Moreover, the accuracy of parts are excellent. There are modern cnc machines which offer more reliability to aluminum parts.