Learn About The Different Types of CNC Parts

March 29, 2021

Different Types of CNC Parts

The new CNC Shark HD4 is a CNC machine with a CNC Shark auto-alignment and color pendant controller. It comes with features like a high-performance gantry supported with a rigid aluminum interlocking table and plate aluminum. It can handle 2-1/4 HP routers like Bosch-1617, Porter Cable-890, or other new series of routers. This machine also has adjustable bearings for accommodating even more significant torque levels. This thing ensures stability during the process of heavy cutting. In this article, we will discuss the different CNC Shark HD4 parts you need to know.

CNC Shark HD4 parts

CNC Shark HD4 Parts

The CNC parts work together for moving tools through pre-program software. You can use this process for different processes, from milling machines to lathes and grinders. The machined parts are helpful in various industries, like electronics, automotive, and aerospace, etc. On all three dimensions, the machine has wear-compensated, anti-backlash lead screws. 3D cutting is made very simple with this machine.

Let’s take a look at the significance of CNC Shark HD4 parts:

  • These parts have just changed the way we use to manufacture parts before. They have increased production efficiency. There is also an improvement in both efficiency and speed.
  • CNC machined parts also ensure higher accuracy. Repeating the same product design is more accessible through pre-programmed product design specifications.
  • CNC machined parts are not labor-intensive.
  • Manufacturing complex product shapes are more straightforward.

Here, you should know that the parts of Shark HD4 are almost the same that you get with any other CNC machine. High-quality hardware helps the machines manufacture product parts with high precision.

CNC Turning Parts

CNC turning is different from CNC milling. These parts help in manufacturing complex and complicated components through CNC lathe. The workpiece is square, hexagonal, or round. A programmed computer turret holds cutting tools. CNC turning is known as the ‘subtractive procedure’ because the workpiece is detracted from the material.

Some machines come with only one spindle allowing machining to perform on a single side. However, there are a few lathe machines that also come with two spindles. Here are the most common operations that turning parts perform:

  • Facing
  • Boring
  • Turning both straight and taper
  • Threading

CNC turning parts works on different materials, such as metal, plastics, and wood, etc. The use of these parts is widespread in numerous industries, like automotive and aeronautical. This procedure is ideal for creating round parts components, like gears.

Quality hardware is vital to ensure quality turning parts, and it utilizes top-notch turning technology. A credible company should be capable of manufacturing parts from various materials.

Common CNC Machining Parts

CNC Shark HD4 parts are not very different from the parts of other CNC machines. A typical CNC machine consists of components, like a bed, tailstock, headstock, tailstock quill, tool turret, chuck, pedal/footswitch, and control panel. Now, let’s take a quick look at these parts for a better understanding.

  1. Bed

The bed of a CNC machine is a hard part, and a tool turret runs over it. It provides essential support to the entire CNC machine. It accommodates different basic elements, like headstocks and guide rails.

  1. Headstock

It is a vital part of any CNC machine. The workpiece is attached to this part for performing different operations. The main CNC motor is also available here that moves the spindle.

  1. Tailstock

This component is another crucial part of a CNC machine that offers extra support to the workpiece. The tailstock grips the workpiece during the operations, such as threading and knurling.

  1. Tailstock Quill

This CNC machine part is something that sets the workpiece appropriately in the centers.

  1. Pedal or Footswitch

The CNC machine operator opens and shuts the chuck through a pedal or footswitch to hold the component. This is precisely how a tailstock quill moves to a reverse or forward position.

  1. Chuck

A chuck is one of the essential CNC Shark HD4 parts available on the spindle. Chunk is where you fix the workpiece.

  1. Control Panel

This component is another necessary part of a CNC machine. This part feeds or sets the program to perform different operations on a workpiece.

  1. Tool Turret

Tool turret is where we attach the tool which performs component machining. The tool turret may have different shapes.

Above are the CNC Shark HD4 parts that operate the machine. Now, let’s take a look at the machine system.

CNC Machine Elements

Apart from the parts, a CNC machine also requires some essential machine elements to work. Those elements include a program, mini-computer, tape reader, machine tool, and servo system. Let’s go through a quick detail about these elements.

  1. Program

A keyboard enters the program in a computer, and the program has different codes that control a CNC machine. These codes include F-Code, XYZ-Code, G-Code, and N-Code.

  1. Tape Reader

This element is the storage device that stores the program to complete a specific manufacturing operation. Program modification is straightforward as you can edit existing programs according to your requirement.

  1. Mini-Computer

Mini-computer or the control unit reads, interprets, and converts the perceived input. It helps in starting and stopping the machine spindle. You also vary the speed of the spindle and control spindle rotation direction through this element. Other function includes:

  • Starting and stopping of coolant supply.
  • Changing needed tools according to your needs.
  • For changing workpiece.
  • For controlling feed rate.

A mini-computer also has a diagnostic program that detects problems and resets the machine according to that.

  1. Servo System

This CNC machine element receives control signals coming from feedback devices. After receiving signals, it set the output to components, like tools and shaft. A servo system consists of feedback devices, servo motors, and ball screws.

CNC Machine Types and Advantages

There are different types of CNC machines, and we can classify CNC machines into various kinds. The most common types are CNC lathe machines, laser cutting machines, milling machines, plasma cutting machines, and router machines. Other types include 3D printers, 5-axis machines, and pick & place machines. All these machines have different but familiar advantages.

Here are the top benefits that come with CNC machining:

  1. CNC machining ensures better accuracy and precision with a workpiece.
  2. Less labor requirement means low labor cost.
  3. Operator doesn’t need to be a highly-skilled professional. Little training is all you need to operate CNC machines.
  4. Production of complex designs in a quick time with accuracy.
  5. You can quickly fix any mistakes through online editing in dimension or cutting conditions – the data stores in a computer.
  6. Unit conversion is straightforward through a CNC machine.
  7. Diagnosing a fault is simple. Dedicated software helps you troubleshoot the problem even if the system isn’t operating. It also assists in the repair and maintenance of the system.
  8. Low maintenance.
  9. Higher production capabilities.

Apart from the above-discussed advantages, there are also many other benefits associated with CNC machining. These machines are highly reliable, and you can run them 24/7 without any break. CNC machines are magical in terms of manufacturing the same components again and again with accuracy and precision.

We have discussed different types of CNC Shark HD4 parts that produce many CNC machined parts. We hope this article has answered your many questions related to a CNC machine and its components.

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CNC Shark HD4 parts