5 Technical Points to know about CNC Machining Service Plastic

September 16, 2021

CNC machining service plastic

  1. What does CNC machining drawing include?

1.1. First, performances

1.2. Second, title name

1.3. Also, size

1.4. Tolerance

1.5. Moreover, technical requirements

  1. Instructions for creating CNC machining drawings
  2. First, how to read and understand CNC machining drawings?

3.1. Second, read and analyze representations

3.2. Additionally, read and analyze size parameters

3.3. Furthermore, determination of surface roughness

3.4. More importantly, read the technical requirements

3.5. Lastly, the last goal

CNC machining service plastic and its application

CNC machining service plastic are extremely important documents in CNC programming. It not only specifies the shape, size, tolerance, surface finish as well as many other requirements for the part to be machined. It is also one of the main bases for evaluating the accuracy of products.

1. What does CNC machining drawing include?

A CNC machining drawing will include the following items:

1.1. Performances

It is a view in all directions including flat view, main view, and side view. In some cases, it is possible to include 3D projections to help readers easily visualize the detailed shapes and show the cross-sectional positions. Moreover, CNC machining service plastic has a reliable performance.

1.2. Title name

Furthermore, the title box will provide basic information about the drawing. Includes standard name of the part, workpiece material. Moreover, it includes, geometrical tolerance, quantity to be manufactured, ratio of drawing to actual object and designer’s name, etc.

1.3. Size

The dimension item must accurately, completely, and reasonably represent the size of each detailed part required for the product manufacturing and inspection process. Also, Dimensions on detailed drawings are given in British or metric units. Individual dimensions can be referenced from a defined datum.

Moreover, in CNC machining service plastic it could be consecutive, measured from the previous size. Both dimension styles are used on the same drawing. Additionally, the size varies depending on the terms and conditions that you are working on.

1.4. Tolerance

To ensure machining accuracy, most part dimensions have a specific range of acceptable deviations from the nominal size, within the frame of reference. Also, the CNC machine operator will be primarily responsible for ensuring the part dimensions are within the allowable tolerances.

1.5. Technical requirements

Specifications include symbols for surface smoothness values, allowable dimensional tolerances, and geometrical tolerances. Apart from this the requirements of CNC machining service plastic for heat treatment or instructions, inspection, adjustment, etc.

2. Instructions for creating CNC machining drawings

Here are the basic steps to create a complete CNC machining drawing:

Step 1:

Firstly, use the axes and contours to arrange the representations and title frames.

Step 2:

Secondly, determine the inner and outer shape of the part. Then draw the cross-sections, cross-sections, etc. with blurred strokes. It is recommended to use erasable pens to draw such as pencils, etc.

Step 3:

Furthermore, check and correct to avoid errors. Make sure the parameters are correct and most complete, then proceed to bold the drawing.

Step 4:

Additionally, write the text for the drawing in CNC machining service plastic. Including size, technical requirements, name frame content, etc.

How to scale up your work in CNC machining service plastic?

CNC machining service plastic 2021

To be able to create a detailed, complete, and accurate drawing, it is necessary to have specialized knowledge as well as a good understanding of the machining details that need to be designed. And, drawing is an important factor, which can directly affect the processed product. Therefore, when drawing, you must be really careful to check the size, fill in the correct symbols, etc. to avoid unwanted errors.

3. How to read and understand CNC machining drawings

Let understand these terms first.

3.1. Read and analyze representations

Clearly define the views of the drawing, especially the main view. And, then analyze the projection of their relationship and determine the shape of the part meticulously.

3.2. Read and analyze size parameters

Analyze according to drawings the dimensions of the part and its elements in CNC machining service plastic. Moreover, clearly define assembly dimensions, exact machining requirements, size chains, etc.

3.3. Determination of surface roughness

It is necessary to determine the surface roughness of the part to be machined. If roughness is not indicated in the representation, they are indicated in the upper right corner of the drawing. In addition, it is very important to determine the necessary parameters for the drawing like dimensions etc.

3.4. Read the technical requirements

This is an extremely important step, in addition to the common elements of convention, there will be separate regulations for the details and of each individual product. Therefore, it is important to read these requirements. CNC machining service plastic has technical requirements.

3.5. The last goal in CNC machining service plastic 

The goal of reading technical drawings is to determine the actual shape of the part. As well as the manufacturing steps, technological measures, and machining methods to achieve the parameters required by the drawings.

From understanding each element in CNC machining drawings as well as how to read and understand them, it not only helps the drawing to be technically correct and required. This also contributes to ensuring product accuracy and minimizing costs by avoiding errors in the machining process.

The role of CNC machining

The accuracy of machine parts thanks to CNC machining technology is said to be absolute. Apart from this, it is programmed and controlled by a computer, CNC machines can cut metal with straight lines, curves, trim precise pattern lines in CNC machining service plastic or even hollow out the inside of a workpiece.

However, the absolute degree of the CNC machine is also dependent on a few factors such as the quality of the workpiece, the wear of the cutting edge or the careless operator of the machine. Moreover, using the CNC precision machining method, you save quite a lot of costs for businesses.

Precision mechanical processing in CNC machining service plastic

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Machinery and equipment to best meet customer requirements. Also, we always look forward to receiving referrals to partners who need mechanical processing in China for CNC machining service plastic. To jointly build a developed modern machinery industry.