CNC Drilling Machine Parts Supplier China in 2022

April 18, 2022

CNC Drilling Machine Parts Supplier
What is a CNC machine?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, which means they are controlled by a computer. CNC drilling machine parts supplier is used for the system of machines used in the mechanical manufacturing industry such as lathes, cutting machines, grinding machines, drilling machines, etc., which are fully automatic controlled. Help optimize the work, save both cost and labor.

CNC machines were developed in the late 1940s. Today CNC machines are very widely used in the mechanical industry. The machine works well in 2D, 3D space through specially designed software. The machine control process can move in straight or curved direction. Products made from CNC machines always achieve 100% accuracy compared to drawings.

Structure of CNC drilling machine parts supplier

There are many types of CNC machines, depending on what function they have. They will have different shapes and structures. However, they still have some common characteristics as follows. To learn more about the structure of CNC machines, we divide them into 2 parts: the actuator and the control part to make it easier to learn.

  • The actuator includes: base, body, turntable, ball screw, tool holder, spindle assembly, guide tape.
  • Body and base: made from cast iron to ensure durability. Inside the body will contain the control part.
  • Machine table: is the place to place the parts to be processed, the machine table has a rotating form that moves flexibly and accurately.
  • Spindle assembly: is the place where the tool is mounted, which is controlled by the motors. Spindle movement generates cutting forces during machining.
  • Guide tape:CNC drilling machine parts supplier is responsible for guiding movements in the direction you want and the direction the axis wants to go.
  • Lead screw, nut: The two basic types of lead screw used are a normal nut and a ball nut.
  • Tool storage: used to store tools for the process.
  • Chains: There are two types of kinematic chains: cutting speed kinematics and feeder kinematics.

The control part includes motors, control systems and computers

  • Control system: This is the brain center of CNC machine devices; the control system will receive information from humans and transfer them to machine parts for them to work. TheCNC drilling machine parts supplier will help the equipment operate more smoothly.
  • Motors: Depending on the type of machine, different motors are used, but there are 4 types for you to choose from: DC motor, AC motor, stepper motor, servo motor. The motor is responsible for driving the CNC machines up and down, reciprocating motion.

Working principle of CNC machine

Since there are quite a few different types of CNC machines, each type will have its own operating pattern. But to understand roughly how they work; you can understand as follows:

  • CNC machines are operated simply, moving on 3 axes X, Y, Z according to coordinates.
  • When the CNC drilling machine parts supplieris started and cutting commands are executed, the Z axis moves up and down according to the set distance.
  • Similarly, the cutting head (Z axis) will receive energy from the power supply to penetrate the material.
  • At this time, the table will hold the product so that the machine moves on the rails along the X and Y axes to create cutting lines on the material.

CNC Drilling Machine Parts Supplier 2022

Common types of CNC machines

CNC machine:

Lathes are used mainly in the wood industry in Vietnam or in the processing and shaping of rotating parts. The CNC drilling machine parts supplier includes two types of 2-axis turning and 4-axis turning, the 4-axis machine can perform both direct turning and milling functions, machining complex detailed shapes.

CNC milling machine:

Milling is a metalworking method that relies on a rotating tool called a milling cutter. With high precision and productivity, milling machines are widely used in the metal industry. The milling cutter has many blades, so it has a long wear time and a large tool feed.

CNC grinding machine:

A grinder is an extremely versatile machine used to perform grinding operations such as surfaces, cylinders, complex shapes. The machine has a high degree of automation, which is commonly used for sharpening milling cutters and tool bits as well as other cutting tools.

CNC Drilling Machine:

Usually, there are two types of drills:

  • Bench drills
  • Boom drills

Bench drill goes for drilling holes through rough parts such as wood, plastic, metal. Drills need to be larger in size to drill large blocks of material and create larger holes.

Uses of CNC drilling machine parts supplier

  • Generally, CNC milling machines are mainly used for milling, cutting, drilling… meticulously and precisely.
  • This equipment is capable of cutting many different machine parts and cutting many parts at the same time but it still ensures product quality.

In addition, this machine is also used to measure distances with high accuracy.

Advantages of CNC milling machine

  • This device has fast cutting speed with very high accuracy, so it helps users save machining time.
  • The cutter of the CNC milling machine can cut straight, horizontal and circular lines, besides it can move in a variety of ways, so it can cut a variety of different details, from simple to complex.
  • Another advantage of CNC drilling machine parts supplieris that it can operate continuously but still ensure high accuracy.

Types of milling machines

On the market today, there are many different types of milling machines from design to function. But in general, milling machines can be divided into 3 main groups:

Group 1: According to the axis of the machine, we can divide it into 2-axis, 3-axis or more milling machines. The more axes the machines have, the more flexible the operation is.

Group 2: Divide by vertical axis or horizontal axis.

If the spindle of the milling machine moves up and down, it is called a vertical milling machine. And if it moves in – out, it is a horizontal milling machine.

Group 3: Milling machines with or without tool changers.

Application of CNC drilling machine parts supplier

  • Can process and cut products according to the mold according to the needs of customers.
  • Moreover, used in processing and manufacturing industries.
  • CNC milling machines are used in companies and decent machine shops to manufacture spare parts and machine parts.
  • Similarly, used for cutting and milling wood items and widely used in the woodworking industry. It also helps us to carve intricate patterns, wood details, etc.